Reliable and effective control of service line pressure

 Philmac’s ratio pressure reducing valves are designed to control service line pressure in fixed head water systems and have been doing so for over 50 years.

Their simple but effective operation means they can protect downstream pipe work, fittings and appliances from the effects of excess water pressure. With a fixed non-adjustable ratio
it means the valve does not require adjusting and is tamper proof.

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    Connection Flexibility

    To make installation easy Philmac offer both threaded (up to 2”) and flanged connections (up to 6”). Flanged connections are available in almost any flange pattern including DIN, ANSI, BS or AS standards.

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    There are no external regulators or pilot tubes which can be tampered with so once the valve is installed it will continue to operate at its pre set ratio.

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    Quality Materials

    The screwed ratio valves are made from DZR brass meaning the valves have a high resistance to corrosion in solid and water environments. The flanged ratio valves are manufactured from gunmetal which again provides a high degree of corrosion resistance and strength. Please note different materials can be used if specific application requirements require it.

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    High Flow Rates

    Due to the internal design when the valve is fully open it allows full flow of water.

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    The valves have been designed to be fully serviced and repair kits containing all the seals, o-rings and instructions are readily available.

Screwed Ratio Product Sizes