Tough and dependable brass float valve that delivers high flow in troughs up to 2500 litres. Super-strong and dependable float valve that will stand up to the tough treatment large animals can deliver. Delivers high flow at both high and low pressures.

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Premium, dependable brass float valve, suited to a wide range of plumbing, agricultural, and industrial applications in tanks and troughs up to 1,500 litres. Watermark and ASNZ 4020 approved for use with potable water.

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Highly versatile float valve, suited to a wide range of agricultural applications in both concrete and thin-walled poly troughs and tanks up to 1,500 litres. Standard BSP or Long Parallel Thread Options. Available as standard BSP or long parallel (fastening) thread with back-nut, making this valve ideally suited to either concrete or poly and thin-walled troughs and tanks.

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The Philmac EasyPHIL compact high performance float valve that suits small to medium tanks and troughs up to 600 litres. Designed to handle high inlet pressure up to 1,500 kPa with 3 lever lengths to suit compact trough and tank chambers (125mm, 200mm, 250mm).

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Series 500

At the heart of Philmac’s 500 Series valve is marine grade 316 stainless steel plus a high temperature rated Viton™ fluoroelastomer seal.  This makes them ideally suited to saline, high temperature and many chemical environments found in the commercial and industrial sectors.  They are also well suited to sanitation applications.

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Servo Tank Filling Valve

The Servo Tank Filling Valve delivers on flow and shut-off pressure.  With flow in excess of 45 L/sec and a shut-off pressure of 2,000 kPa this valve is ideally suited to commercial and industrial applications such as fire water tanks.  What’s more it has approval* for mains water connection.

*AS 1910 and AS/NZS 4020

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StockPHIL Float Valve

Philmac’s unique and compact StockPHIL float valve has been designed specifically for stock troughs. The valve hugs the trough wall and has no long lever arm, virtually eliminating the risk of damage caused by stock.

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Cistern Valve

Philmac’s cistern valve uses a tried and tested design that ensures a slow and controlled opening and closing to avoid water hammer.  Combined with a quiet operation, it makes them ideally suited for applications such as evaporative air conditioners.

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