A specially formulated low-density polyethylene that is able to withstand the effects of abrasive soils, kinking and the stresses as it is moved (along with the pods) from area to area.  The white stripes assist the installer to prevent pipe from being twisted during installation.  K-pipe is available in 3 sizes.

K-Line Pipe Product Sizes


Product Number Description
LD40100 K-Line 40 mm x 100 m Low Density PE Pipe
LD40150 K-Line 40 mm x 150 m Low Density PE Pipe
LD40200 K-Line 40 mm x 200 m Low Density PE Pipe
LD45125 K-Line 45 mm x 125 m Low Density PE Pipe
KPIPE6340 K-Line 63 mm x 40 m Low Density PE Pipe
Freight - for all pod/pipe orders freight into store is an additional charge