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Philmac has released a range of pipe repair kits in common metric and rural sizes.

The range is based on the successful 3G Metric and Rural fittings platforms and is provided in a handy package that includes a length of straight pipe, specialised Philmac fittings and step by step easy to follow installation instructions.


  • 1

    Adjustable length

    The fitting is adjustable in length to suit most repair situations. This adjustability aids in minimising the amount of soil to be removed to undertake the repair.

  • 2


    Rural, Safelok and Metric components are all interchangeable as they share a common body.

  • 3

    Made from Advanced Materials

    The fitting is manufactured from lightweight, high performance thermoplastic materials with outstanding impact, UV and corrosion resistance. The materials used are non-toxic and taint free.

  • 4

    Slide and Tighten™

    Incorporating all the benefits of Slide and Tighten™ technology with 100% positive feedback.

  • 5

    Minimal Pipe Twist

    The fitting is designed to minimise pipe twist, reducing the risk of untightening joints.

  • 6

    Visual Stop

    The flange on the body of the fitting acts as a visual cue to indicate when the nut is fully tightened. Once the nut touches the flange on the body, the fitting is in a fully tightened state.

  • 7

    Easy diassembly

    Philmac Rural can be easily disassembled and reconnected simply by loosening the nut and taking the insert out of the body of the fitting. The pipe can then be freed.

  • 8

    Self aligning inserts

    Philmac Rural inserts are self aligning. Simply bring the insert into the body of the fitting and then tighten the nut with a wrench. As the nut tightens it will draw the insert into the body of the fitting to create the perfect seal every time.

Rural and Metric Pipe Repair Kit Product Sizes

Metric Pipe Repair Kits

Product Number Size
70 7133 50 25 mm
70 7144 50 32 mm
70 7155 50 40 mm
70 7166 50 50 mm

Rural Pipe Repair Kits

Product Number Size
99 8132 50 1”
99 8143 50 1-1/4"
99 8154 50 1-1/2”
99 8165 50 2”

Installation/troubleshooting videos

Need some help? View our installation/troubleshooting videos